Introducing our National Dog Show and Marlborough Sunshine Show Judges for 2019....

Jorge Santoianni (Argentina)

I am Clinical Microbiologist, Past President of the Argentine Association of Microbiology and now Director of Teaching and Investigation at Instituto de Investigaciones Médicas. Universidad de Buenos Aires.

I have been a breeder and owner of Brinagar´s Whippets since 1983. I started judging in 1986 and have been an FCA and FCI All Breeds Judge since 2016.

I am a Breed specialist judge for: Yorkshire Terriers, Old English Sheepdogs, Chihuahua Smooth and Long Coat, Shih-Tzu, Afghan Hounds, Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, Miniature Schnauzer, Bearded Collie and Dogue de Bordeaux.

I am also a Professor of Genetic for Dogs Breeders for FCA and Guest Professor of Genetic for dogs breeders, Cathedra de Intensification and Canine Production at Veterinary School, Universidad of Buenos Aires. Guest Professor of Genetic for dogs breeders, Cathedra de Intensification and Canine Production at Veterinary School, Universidad Católica de Salta. Professor of Genetic for dogs breeders for Canine Instructors, Veterinary School, University of Buenos Aires.

I am the author of the chapter: Genetics for dog breeders, Illustrated Manual of Cynology, FCA.

I have judged in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Martin Croeser (South Africa)

I have been involved with dogs for many years. My father bred Smooth Fox Terriers and so I was involved with dogs from a tender age. My first show dog in 1968, an Afghan, arrived on the advice from a friend. She was a very difficult dog and I couldn’t cope with her.

I decided then to go into Whippets which was my real introduction into the dog show world. I bred Whippets very successfully for 14 years. In the meantime was given three Salukis and that breed has been my main interest for 25 years. My interest also digressed into other breeds such as English Cockers, Standard Poodles, Dobermanns, Basenjis and presently French Bulldogs.

I’ve been judging since 1972 and became an All Breeds Judge in 1984. My first international appointment came in 1993 when I was invited to judge in Finland. I have been fortunate to judge abroad extensively since. Judging in Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark (including World Show 2010), Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania for the past 22 years, with many future International appointments in Europe and Eastern Europe till 2019.

Espen Engh (Norway)

I was born into a family where Greyhounds have been part of everyday life, and I was actively involved with the dogs from a very early age. The first litter of Greyhounds carrying the prefix Jet’s was bred by my late mother Kari and I in 1975.

I have also co-owned several Afghan Hounds and Whippet champions with my life partner Age Gjetnes. My latest venture is Brussels Griffons, being Top Griffon breeder in the UK in 2017. I judged my first dog show in 1984 and was approved to judge at championship show level in 1987. Authorised to judge all breeds by the Norwegian Kennel Club and FCI in 2011 and I may be the only dog judge to have officiated in 100 countries around the world, including Best In Show in more than 60 of these.

Judging specialty shows for more than fifty breeds, six times at Crufts (with the Hound group coming up in 2021) and three times at Westminster K.C. I have officiated at 14 FCI world shows.

However it is 19 years since I have been to Australia and New Zealand, so I am looking forward to coming back.

Dr Michael Woods (Canada)

Dr. Michael Woods has bred and exhibited Labrador Retrievers, under the Waterdog prefix, for over 40 years. He and his wife, Lynn, have bred and/or owned many Canadian and American Champions as well as Best in Show and Specialty winners. They have also exhibited Border and Smooth Fox Terriers.

Michael is a CKC All-Breed and All-Obedience Class judge. He is on the exempt list of the AKC, and is not limited in the number of shows he is approved to judge for the American Kennel Club.

As a judge, Michael has officiated extensively throughout Canada and the United States, as well as in Japan, Korea, China, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Bermuda, Brazil, Peru, Equador, Argentina, Colombia, Ireland, Finland, Holland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Australia.

Dr. Woods has published on the Labrador Retriever, Conformation Judging, Retrievers, and Ethics in the dog fancy, and wrote a regular column, " Ethics", for Dogs in Canada. Michael has also given seminars throughout the world on judging and evaluating the Labrador Retriever. He has presented seminars on the Labrador Retriever at the American Kennel Club's 'Sporting Dog Institute' and at the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.

Michael wrote a column, "Speaking Out", for the Labrador Retriever Club Inc. and served as an approved mentor and presenter for the LRC, Inc. He co-authored the Illustrated Labrador Standard for the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada and was chairman of the committee to revise the CKC Labrador Standard.

Michael was Vice-President in charge of judge's education for the Dog Judges Association of Canada, and is a member of numerous Labrador Retriever Clubs. He has served as a member of the Canadian Kennel Club's National Appeals Committee and Ethics Committee. Michael is currently a member of the CKC Events Officiating Committee. He is now retired from his position as a University Professor of English and divides his time between Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Charlestown, Rhode Island.

Dianne Jovanovic (Australia)

I started in the dog world as a Junior Handler in NSW showing my parents Corgi's.

I started Judging in 1995, achieving ANKC All Breeds status in 2009.

Over the years I have had the privilege of judging many Breed Club Specialties including, Asian Breeds, Beagle, Dalmatian, Dobermann, Hound, Rottweiler, Staffordshire and Weimaraner. Along with Gundog Clubs in NSW, ACT and New Zealand, the Working Dog Club in New Zealand, the Toy Dog Fanciers Specialty in Canada and the honour of judging The German Shorthaired Pointer Club in New Zealand and also the German Shorthaired Pointer National in Canada. I had the honour of Judging Dogs NSW Dog Of The Year, Puppy Of The Year and Neuter Of The Year January 2016.

I have judged numerous times in all states and territories of Australia, and both North and South Islands of New Zealand. I have also judged in India, Canada, South Korea, China, Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

I have presented breed lectures for German Shorthaired Pointer and Shar Pei to trainee judges over a number of years. Positions I've held have included President, Show Secretary and Magazine Editor of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club Qld., Show Secretary and Vice President of Ipswich Kennel Club Qld. I am still an active member/committee member of numerous clubs.

Maree Gavigan (New Zealand)

I am delighted to have been invited to judge at this year’s National Dog Show. I have had dogs for most of my life and got bitten by the competitive obedience bug in 1999 when I started training my Labrador Albert.

I then rescued a Beardie cross named Molly from the SPCA and made her up to an Obedience Champion. After that came my two Border Collies Fergus and his son Panda. Panda is an Obedience Champion and Fergus is an Obedience Grand Champion who retired last year with 58 challenges.

My new arrival is a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy named Hudson who will hopefully follow in the family tradition! I have been on the obedience judge’s panel and CD panel since 2005, and have also served on the OJA regional committee.

I get a lot of pleasure judging a handler and dog that work as a happy and enthusiastic team.

On a final note I would like to wish everyone good luck for the competition!

Stephanie Pountley (New Zealand)

I have been involved in Dog Obedience since 1987 starting with a Vizsla at East Auckland Dog Obedience Club.

Unfortunately “Zolten” preferred to lounge on the couch or misbehave around an Agility course. My next dog “Willow” a NZ Handy Dog, was the Test 'C” clown, always good for a laugh, especially in the agility ring where he was inducted into the hoon hall of fame very early on in his career. It was in 1995 that I became a judge, working my way up the panel to the 'C” panel in 2002. I have worked other dogs, “Shorty”, “River”, “Ice” and “Lake” along the way, over the years. Currently I have a working beardy puppy” Twist,” I enjoy a challenge!

I am the National Obedience Judges Association President and have been for several years. I love the ups and downs and all the friendships made along the way. My other interests include harness racing and carriage driving, I should probably own a Dalmatian.

Best wishes, good luck to you all, enjoy!

Ruth Thornburn (New Zealand)

Thank you for the privilege of asking me to judge at the 2019 Black Hawk National Dog show in Blenheim.

I originally competed in traditional Obedience, and when Rally-O appeared on the scene I decided to give it a go, and have been involved in Rally-O ever since, especially enjoying all the recent changes.

I began competing then judging, first in the Northern Region, but now in the awesome Southern region.

I am enjoying judging and now sometimes competing, with my young dog Dodge. (A work in progress)

I originally competed with my Golden Retriever “Fred”, and working with him, and an awesome trainer, Noel Hutchenson, was the first to achieve Rally-O Grand Champion. We went on to attain RAE6. Fred at 12 years old, is now enjoying retirement.

I look forward to judging all levels of Rally-O at the “Nationals” and hope the handlers enjoy negotiating my courses.

This is a great opportunity for the public to see what Rally-O and Obedience are all about, so enjoy your time in the ring while being mindful of the public and maybe their desire to learn more about this sport.

Rosemary Cleator (New Zealand)

I am pleased to be judging the UD (Utility Dog Trial) at the National Dog Show this year. It is great to have Working Trials included in the National, so that all codes are represented.

I have been competing since 1963 with German Shepherds in Working Trials, Obedience, Conformation and, since it was introduced, Rally-O. I have been judging these (with the exception of conformation) since 1969. Fifty years !!! Really – where has that time gone!

I enjoy judging and watching great teamwork and how it can achieve success, (or not sometimes when things don’t go to plan!!!). I hope to be able to hand out lots of qualifications at this UD Trial.

Meredith Evans (New Zealand)

Wow! I’m so honoured to be asked to judge agility at the 2019 National Dog Show in Blenheim.

I vividly remember as a 12-year old going to the Nationals in Wellington. I was amazed and thrilled watching the obedience dogs go through their paces, and here I am getting to judge some awesome agility teams in 2019.

My name is Meredith and I’ve been a senior agility judge since 2017. I live in the small settlement of Dunsandel, on the Canterbury Plains, on 2.5 acres, with my partner Tim, my two human boys, four dogs, and two cats. I started agility in 2004 with a black heading type dog, and then moved on to working Kelpies. My two competing Kelpies are Radar (9) and Spider (3). My partner prefers Border Collies!

I love judging agility because I get to travel the country, meet great people, eat yummy food, and watch dogs all day! I also love the course design aspect, although actually ‘putting the course on the ground’ is definitely not my strong point. I like my courses to be safe, fun, fast, and just challenging enough. As some of you have experienced, I don’t always get it right, but I like to think that the fun part is always there. I’m very much looking forward to the 2019 Nationals and I look forward to seeing lots of great rounds, both clear and faulted, as well as plenty of dogs doing what they love with their favourite people. See you in October!

Nick Chester (New Zealand)

Thank you to the NDS Agility Organisers for inviting me to judge at the 2019 Event. I have been judging for 15 years now, and have been lucky enough to judge extensively throughout the country, including 5 NZDAC's and once at the ANKC Agility Nationals in Brisbane. I can now add the National Dog Show to that list.

Dogs have always been a part of my life and I have been involved in agility for over 20 years now. I have trained a number of Border Collies and competed throughout the North Island. I currently live in Hamilton with two Border collies - one retired from agility, the other one makes me look like a half decent handler but there is no doubt that she is the talent of the team! I am the president of Waikato Agility Group and enjoy training new members and helping to grow the sport at the grassroots level.

I guess my courses can be described as pretty fast and furious - I design open courses where dogs can get some speed up and enjoy themselves. Getting to watch a great agility run from the "best seat in the house" is what has kept me judging - we are lucky to have so many talented dogs and handlers in New Zealand, which makes judging a lot of fun.

All the best to competitors - I hope you enjoy my courses.

Campbell List (New Zealand)

I hail from the sunny Hawkes Bay and have been doing agility for a while now. I have been judging for around 12 years and enjoy the handler and dog teams doing well and achieving their goals.

I like to set challenging yet achievable courses that people feel proud to have gained a clear round and the forever hopeful placing.

Those that have run my courses will know I like to set a fast pace action packed challenge that needs to be attacked to do well.

As far as my judging career goes over the last few years I have judged at numerous national events in New Zealand and over in Aussie.

I have been involved in running major events and don’t think there is a job I haven’t managed to get roped in along the way.

I spent a number of years on the Agility Committee and was heavily involved in creating the Permanent Competing Number system we still use today.

It is my absolute pleasure to be judging you all this year and I wish you all the best of luck.