National Dog Show Update July 2022

With the formal opening of entries for NDS the organising committee provides these additional notes to assist members to understand how NDS will be managed at Ardmore Ardmore Venue Set-Up

To allow members to understand how the Ardmore indoor venue will be used to accommodate NDS 2022 we have provided a link below that shows a scaled plan of the venue for both NDS/Ardmore shows and the BIS layout on Saturday the 9th of October.

Click here for link to Daytime layout

Click here for link to BIS layout

It is important to note that crates will not be permitted within the indoor venue at any time during NDS.

Grooming Spaces during NDS

To accommodate the grooming needs of entrants the event will have three separate areas where members can book grooming spaces. Alongside the amenities building veranda we will have erected a large marquee, complete with raised flooring, where members can book grooming spaces. Grooming spaces will be two metre x 1.5 per space. Walkways into the exhibition building will be provided to ensure weather protection. Marquee grooming spaces must be pre-booked.

We will also be providing 3 x 3 metre Premium gazebo spaces to allow exhibitors to erect their own gazebo’s. In this area all walkways will have raised flooring to allow access to the exhibition area without walking on the grassed area. Premium spaces must be pre-booked.

In addition, members will be able to book regular gazebo spaces to erect their own gazebo’s however these areas will not have raised walkway access to the building and will require their dogs to walk on the grass walkways. Regular gazebo spaces must be pre-booked.

A plan displaying these areas can viewed here

Booking must be made by contacting Rhonda Ward at

Car-Parking Spaces

Members who wish to reserve a car space will be able to book a carpark in the rear carpark. Bookings will provide entry to the rear carpark where an attendant will manage the allocation of the parking spaces. An area will be set aside for members with a carpark booking as an unloading area in the rear carpark. Regular paid carpark spaces will not be available during NDS.

Members who do not wish to book a carpark will be able to park in the front carpark without charge. An unloading zone for the front carpark will be established on the hard stand area in front of the barn and toilet complex.

Booking must be made by contacting Gael Sharp

Camping during the NDS

Only vehicles that are certified as self-contained are permitted to book to camp. Vehicles that book a space are prohibited from discharging grey waste on the property. A nearby dump station and water replenishment venue are available within 10 mins drive from Ardmore grounds.

Camping bookings can be made by contacting Karla Magnus

Trade Stalls

A variety of trade stalls have already been booked. If your business would like to book a trade stand, please contact Karla Magnus

National Dog Show Ribbon Sponsorship

The National Dog Show committee are seeking NDS ribbon sponsorship for the upcoming NDS in Auckland. We are seeking ribbon sponsorship for both breeds and Groups. Sponsorship can be credited to Individuals, Kennels, or Clubs.

All ribbon sponsors will be recognised in the NDS catalogue. If you or your club would like to support the National Dog Show through ribbon sponsorship, we are seeking breed ribbon sponsorships at $50 per breed or $100 per group.

Bookings can be made by contacting Karla Magnus by emailing to secure a booking.