National Dog Show Arrangements

Uploaded 15/7/2022

Sunday Encore Show Arrangements

Since the publication of the NDS schedule and information there has been some confusion regarding the arrangements for the Encore All Breed show scheduled for Sunday 9th October.

The NDS arrangements apply for the period of 5th Oct – 8th Oct inclusive for parking, grooming and restrictions within the indoor building. The Encore show being held on Sunday the 9th October will be held under the normal AEC conditions for parking and gazebos arrangements. Parking will revert to the normal reserved parking spaces for the Encore show and members will be able to erect gazebos without a fee being paid.

We have negotiated arrangements to allow the marquee to remain on site until the Monday so those members who would like to book a space for the Encore show will be able to book and reserve a pre-paid marquee space.

For the specialty shows scheduled outdoors during NDS these will be allocated to the rings nearest to the entranceway carpark. This will enable exhibitors to park in this carpark without a fee and to erect their own gazebos alongside these rings without charge. The rear carpark will only be available to those that have pre-paid and booked a carparking space. Members will be required to produce their numbered parking ticket to gain access the rear carpark.

The evening specialty shows will be held within a reconfigured indoor ring layout for the night shows.

Members will be able to set-up crates and trollies within the venue from 5pm each evening. Parking within the rear carpark will be available, without charge, after 5pm each evening.

Day Parking of Motorhomes

Members who wish to park a motorhome, as a day parked vehicle, can make a reserved carpark booking as we have an allocation of larger carpark spaces that can accommodate a limited number of motorhomes.

When making your carpark booking can you please ensure that you add this information to your booking request.

Day parking of motorhomes is not available to those who have booked a camping space during the NDS.

Crates within Assembly Areas at NDS

We have had some enquiries regarding the restriction on allowing crates being erected or used within the assembly areas.

The committee are concerned that the space limitations within the facilities will not allow crates to be used, during the daytime activities, due to the potential congestion issues this will create.

We understand this restriction will potentially limit some members entries however we believe that crates within assembly areas would compromise the space limitations within the building.

Generators within the Marquee

Members who wish to use their personal generators for grooming during the NDS will be asked to place their generators in a defined and covered area. Members will need to run a lead from their generator to their allocated marquee area.